About ThirstyCanvas


ThirstyCanvas was born in Dallas, TX where we hosted a variety of gallery format art events to raise awareness in the importance of the arts and provide funding resources to existing artists and arts organizations. Our first beneficiary was to Art Conspiracy, a Dallas staple and amazing community of artists that grew from a small, "underground" auction to an extremely successful, yet humble annual event that has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Dallas area nonprofits.

Finally, after years of rest and relocating to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina ThirstyCanvas was born again - bringing with it the grit, passion, and energy of our humble beginnings and friends at "ArtCon" as an annual art auction and event where artists across multiple mediums come together to bring collectors an affordable, high energy, street level, and adrenaline pumping art auction in support of expanding art education and mentorship opportunities to the young artists of Western North Carolina.

*Proceeds from the TC.2 Auction sales go directly toward funding art supplies and supporting visual arts initiatives for the gallery and to expanding financial support to Haywood County Schools Foundation. Our ultimate vision is to help Haywood county build the most promising arts program of all public school systems in Western North Carolina, while enriching our community with public art initiatives.

There are two main events throughout the year, beginning with the ThirstyCanvas Auction in fall, and in 2023 we will be hosting our first Spring auction in an effort to increase public art installations in WNC.

All artists interested in participation in either the 2022 Fall or 2023 Spring auctions are encouraged to apply. All artists are given one of our signature 18x18 inch plywood boards after November 1st that serve as the foundation of creative freedom. Boards are then auctioned off in a high energy, street level auction.


Just like last year, the ThirstyCanvas Auction will be taking place on November 26th, 2022 downstairs at Boojum Brewing Co. inside "The Gem".


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*more details and flyer for TC.2 (2023 Fall Auction) coming soon!




(TC.1 - November, 2021)

"The foundation and glue to our continued efforts in the various exhibitions, projects, school scholarship opportunities, and artist development/ LGBTQIA+ support services are largely held together by donations from our artists, collectors, and members of the communities to whom we serve. It is truly a humbling honor"

- Ashten McKinney | Curatory Galleries, LLC

founder/ curator/ project & design consultant


Your support ensures Waynesville, NC continues to have an accepting gallery space committed to inspire creativity and mindful awareness in both social and political challenges, while representing young and established Artists alike who through showcasing their talents are provided a platform where their voices can be heard.

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